Our Story

Our Story

On June 19th, 2012 a beautiful light came into our lives.  From the moment Matthew David Wzorek was born, he brought joy and happiness to everyone that met him.  He was showered with love by his mother Rebecca, father Barry and big brother Jacob.  Like many other kids, Matthew loved video games, Legos and sports, especially baseball and flag football.   He loved traveling the world with his family, but his favorite places to go were Disney World and Universal Studios, specifically the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  You could see the pure joy in his face as he sipped his butter beer or was buying a wand from Olivanders.  When he wasn’t traveling or playing sports, he was making the world a better place through his infectious smile and genuine kindness.  Whether he was making a new classmate feel comfortable, including one of his many younger cousins while playing, or chatting up a stranger of any age, Matthew’s personality was to always be kind and smile.

In February of 2020, our lives changed forever.  We lost Matthew suddenly at age 7.  The family and community surrounded us with support.  We quickly realized that the light that he brought into any situation would be most missed in the world. He was always the kid who would happily lend a hand, cheer up a teammate, make a new friend, talk up a stranger, and in general make the world a better place. And so in his memory, we are trying to do what he would have done.

Initially, a Go Fund Me page was set up for people to donate money, not to the family, but to keep Matthew’s legacy shining bright.  All of the money donated was being used to send families who experienced the loss of a child or that have a sick child, to Matthews’s favorite place, Disney and Universal, so they can experience what brought Matthew so much Joy.

Through our experience and the generosity of everyone, we decided to expand the reach of Matthew’s light by founding the Matthew’s Moonlight Foundation.  We chose this name because the profound meaning of Moonlight tells us that it does not matter how dark the night is, the light of the moon will always shine to make the night brighter and it is a remembrance that there will always be hope.  We can now use Matthews beautiful light to help ease the pain and burden that many families in the Delaware Valley and beyond are dealing with.  The loss or illness of a child impacts the entire family and we will act as a beacon of hope to help alleviate the financial and emotional burden that inevitably comes from dealing with these situations.   We also plan on continuing our partnership with organizations like Make-a-Wish to send families to the place that brought Matthew so much joy.  Through the foundation we will allow Matthews smile and kindness to live on.

Matthew loved travelling with his family, especially Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. We will contribute to sending families on vacation so they can experience what brought Matthew so much joy.

Matthew loved his family, especially his older brother Jacob, so we will support the surviving siblings and parents with