The Matthew’s Moonlight Foundation’s mission is to honor Matthew Wzorek through acts of kindness. The profound meaning of Moonlight tells us that it does not matter how dark the night is, the light of the moon will always shine to make the night brighter and it is a remembrance that there will always be hope. The Matthew’s Moonlight Foundation supports families in the Delaware Valley who have suffered the loss of a child or are fighting childhood illness, bringing light to these families at their darkest hour. We hope to alleviate some of the unnecessary financial stress and offer some much needed peace of mind to bereaved families

We believe that the entire family is affected when a child is sick or dies. Often, a child’s passing or illness will leave a family struggling to pay their bills. Bereaved families face unexpected expenses and financial hardship. Those suffering from childhood illness may incur charges from surgeries, treatment, and medicine. In addition to the financial burden, other children in the family can feel left out while attention is focused on grieving the loss or fighting the disease.

Short Term Goals:

  • Provide continued financial support for families with a child fighting illness or the loss of a child
  • Provide resources to partner charities to support vacations or comfort gifts for the families in need
  • Foster a community that helps build relationships and emotional support over time

Long Term Goals:

Provide funding to support research to find new and improved ways to diagnose, treat and prevent influenza infection